One Free Man

Hi my names Jerome
I like space, things from the past and the general unknown.

I haven’t played a video game (by myself I did play one with some people socially) for two weeks. And im so happy about that. Its so easy for me to lose myself in other places, and after some serious soul searching I realized I was doing far too much of that, and too little focusing on my own goals in life. Establishing myself in a community at my new school has been very important to my emotional health. Its so refreshing to be unplugged.

I will always love video games and will probably play many more over the years. I do not frown upon those that play games, but I encourage everyone who does spend a lot of time with them to take a step back and figure out how much of your life you want to commit to living someone else’s story. I found that it was a lot less than I originally thought.

Nara Dreamland, the infamous abandoned theme park in Japan.

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if you ask me why DS9 is best Star Trek, i’ll probably say “amazing acting, writing and character development, uncommonly dark tone, station as a home/Wild West allegory instead of HERE WE GO IN A SPACESHIP TO sAVE THE DAY, tons of antagonist development AS WELL as protags, linear/continuing storyline, wonderful diverse ensemble cast and actual queer characters”

but I’ll really be thinking “Worf in the baseball game episode.”

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Sometimes being a History major means starting class discussions on “secular spiritualism” and what connection meant for athiests mourning loved ones in WW1.

Other times its reading 80 pages about 17th century cows.

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The Art of How to train you dragon 2

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